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Welcome to the North American Youth Section's Website...

Welcome to the North American Youth Section's website. The North American Youth Section (NAYS) is the anthroposophical youth section of the School of Spiritual Science and encompasses Canada, Mexico and the United States. To learn more about who we are and what the Youth Section is, click here.  

It is our intention to share information about the anthroposophical movement across North America and to invite young people to engage in activities around the world to further their own inquiries into the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Latest News & Grooves

January 5, 2014


Here we are five days into the new year and there is so much happening around the continent! The ongoing efforts of human beings to live meaningful, connected lives never ceases. We just released the Winter 2014 eNews and it's chock full of content, reports, promotions, etc.

To find out more about the 2013 Youth Section Meeting, check out the article by Megan Durney. This took place in Keene, New Hampshire from October 11-15, 2013 and revolved largely around a re-identification of what it means to be involved with the Youth Section. At that time, many participants were able to meet Constanza Kaliks. 

What are you up to? What new questions are you working with? Reach out to us through our Facebook page and share what is happening with your own spiritual and social development.


Our Next Initiative Call is yet to be determined. Email Ariel-Paul for more information.  

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Latest news

2014 Youth Conference on Anthroposophic Health Care

03/30/2014 23:37 EST

Youth Conference followed by optional internships in various areas of health care[more]

InPower Conference 2014: Hearing the Still, Small Voice

03/30/2014 06:08 EST
Event dates: 06/24/2014 to 06/28/2014

A conference for young people co-sponsored by Threefold Educational Center and The Christian Community[more]

NAYS Meeting 2013

06/15/2013 22:30 EST
Event dates: 10/13/2013 06:30 to 10/15/2013 02:30

Our annual 2013 meeting will take place in Keene, NH, October 13-15, 2013.[more]

2013 North American Youth Section Annual Meeting

03/09/2013 21:02 EST

Constanza Kaliks has just announced that she will be present at the Anthroposophical Society in America's annual conference. A planning group has formed for the 2013 Youth Section Meeting and what we would think about meeting...[more]

Questions We Live With As Youth: The Young Adults Group of The Christian Community in Pennsylvania

02/18/2012 21:30 EST

A small group of individuals have been getting together monthly to examine their questions and the relevancy of the times. We've asked the group to share how their work is going and what is emerging.[more]

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